Oscillator Evaluator (Analysis tool)

Oscillator Evaluator (Analysis tool)

The oscillator evaluator is a tool that will help you analyse and compare the oscillator of your choice to another 2 oscillators.

By selecting the strategy with which you will analyze the oscillators, you will be able to see the behaviour of the oscillators in different aspects.

First there is a moving average increase or decrease strategy, that will give you a good idea of the correlation of the oscillator with the price.

The second is a commom 2 MA crossover strategy, that will give you and idea of the validaty of that oscillator as a strategy or as a trend filter.

The third strategy is a cross over 0 signal, that will go long on a crossover of 0 and short on a crossunder 0. This helps you see how good is the oscillator at evaluating suport and resistance areas and give you an idea of its balance.

The forth strategy is a Buy/Sell on extremes of the oscillator and will let you know how good is your strategy at spotting good places to buy and sell.

The fith strategy is to evaluate how goood the oscillator is as a mean reversion filter or how good it is at spotting small price changes.

The sixth strategy is similar to the last but is focused on how good is the oscillator spotting good places to take profits on trending strategies.

The 6 strategies in the script produce signals from the oscillator and from the oscillator only.

In conclusion this tool can be used to measure your oscillator and see if it really is as good as you think in comparison to others.

This script is not intended to be used as a full strategy but as a tool.
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Hi ,
Seems good work, but error !!! Please Help

"Add to Chart operation failed, reason: The script must have one study() or strategy() function call"
good tool for analysist, thanks,,,cheers
Going to try this out. It looks very well done, cheers.