Smart Volume

Out of beta!

This script distinguishes up/down volume based on lower resolution.

It's important to set correct input "Detailed Resolution" — it affects detalization/loading speed. If equal to chart resolution, should match builtin "volume". The lower it is, the more detalized up/down border.
Nov 19
  • added `lookahead=true`, because sum was one bar off,
  • rewrite slow loop, 100ms error should disappear.
Nov 19
Versionshinweise: `lookahead=false` was correct. But there may still be some weird bug in some cases.
Nov 25
  • added another style of border between up and down volume (PlusMinus),
  • fixed some errors (mismatches in volume), like on the first bar of the day,
  • added option to autofix or highlight any mismatches in volume,
  • show separate up/down sma's and removed input 'show ma', use styles if needed.
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@apozdnyakov, thank you for such a useful indicator. I am also having difficulty using 1D timeframe. I have it set to sample the 3 min detailed resolution (I have the data for this), but I'm getting errors. Sometimes the entire up or down volume for the day won't show. Would there be a fix you could apply please?

(sorry I posted this on the alpha version also by mistake).
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Awsome, I used to add a fast, slow and very slow lines to view the volumen trends.
I added to thes code and it fits very well.

Now my charts are better to view and understand. At least from me, the Important guy who uses them.

Thanks for your script is very very good.
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Awesome indicator! It was actually recommend by the trading view staff. It was exactly what I was looking for, but It does have trouble loading on some charts. What do you mean by setting the "detailed resolution"?
Excellent indicator, thanks for sharing!

Is there any way to make it so that when Up volume is more than Down or vice versa it will highlight that color using a higher transparency?
@apozdnyakov, great indicator you've made! I was trying to use it for 1D and higher timeframes, but sadly it seems to malfunction there. Any idea why and how to fix it?
@Villmark, you are not PRO, for example on MSFT you get intraday data from BATS:MSFT, which have incomplete volume. Not from NASDAQ:MSFT. Is it the problem?
Hi, nice job. Its posible to count every each tick vol?
@Osobowy, hi, thanks. No, one-minute volume is minimum possible now. Because it is minimal possible timeframe on tv, for now...
Osobowy apozdnyakov
@apozdnyakov, I am curious, therefore, in the volume profiles supported by TW, you can set the histogram tick per row. (market profile). Nevertheless, thanks for the answer.
@Osobowy, TW volume profile also calculates on 1-minute bar volumes. You can see in by adding "fixed range" to a few one-minute bars
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