[RS]Market Fractility Flow Oscillator V0

same as MTF-BIAS. but slightly more practical, reads market fractality flow into a oscillator.

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study(title='[RS]Market Fractility Flow Oscillator V0', shorttitle='MFFo', overlay=false)
tf00 = input(title='Timeframe 00:', type=string, defval='D', confirm=false)
tf01 = input(title='Timeframe 01:', type=string, defval='720', confirm=false)
tf02 = input(title='Timeframe 02:', type=string, defval='360', confirm=false)
tf03 = input(title='Timeframe 03:', type=string, defval='240', confirm=false)
tf04 = input(title='Timeframe 04:', type=string, defval='60', confirm=false)
tf05 = input(title='Timeframe 05:', type=string, defval='30', confirm=false)

f_query_sec(_tf)=>security(tickerid, _tf, open)

q00 = close >= f_query_sec(tf00)
q01 = close >= f_query_sec(tf01)
q02 = close >= f_query_sec(tf02)
q03 = close >= f_query_sec(tf03)
q04 = close >= f_query_sec(tf04)
q05 = close >= f_query_sec(tf05)

plot(title='0', series=1, style=columns, color=q00?green:maroon, histbase=0)
plot(title='1', series=2, style=columns, color=q00?q01?green:gray:q01?gray:maroon, histbase=1)
plot(title='2', series=3, style=columns, color=q00?q02?green:gray:q02?gray:maroon, histbase=2)
plot(title='3', series=4, style=columns, color=q00?q03?green:gray:q03?gray:maroon, histbase=3)
plot(title='4', series=5, style=columns, color=q00?q04?green:gray:q04?gray:maroon, histbase=4)
plot(title='5', series=6, style=columns, color=q00?q05?green:gray:q05?gray:maroon, histbase=5)