ADX / RSI Strategy by Trade Rush (created by SirPoggy)

This is one of many new strategies coming soon which were seen on Trade Rush
This one is the ADX / RSI Strategy seen here:

While the strategy has been modified slightly to use the DMI instead of the ADX , the core of the strategy is essentially the same
Long signals are generated when the RSI is above 70, close is above the 200EMA, and the ADX is above 25 (added is the plus DMI over 25 and minus DMI below 20)

Stop loss is placed below /above the 21 EMA , however, there is a deviation required to ensure price is not too close to where a stop loss would be placed.

Short signals are generated when the RSI is below 30, close is below the 200EMA, and the ADX is above 25 (added is the minus DMI over 25 and plus DMI below 20)

I do not recommend using this strategy but I have provided this code for educational purposes.


Let me know which strategy you'd like coded next in the comments below.
  • Fixed ADX strategy settings (More Sensitive didn't do anything) and added a "Less Sensitive" option.
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