P&F scalp strat

Simple bitmex scalp trading setup using Point and Figure plots to cut the noise.
REV : 1
Date: June 11, 2018

Viewing Timeframe: 1 min chart
P&F timeframe: 3
Block size: 5
reversal: 1

higher timeframe needs bigger blocksize

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Hi Everyone,
Yes, this published script has repaint but there is a fixed version with lot more options. I'm looking for beta testers for my new trading engine launch based on my most profitable script that is not public. I've used many variations of that script for over 1.5 years for few of my institutional clients. I'm looking to launch that platform to public in few months.

This is free trial for 2 weeks where I setup the account for you exactly the way I trade. The returns are 0.5-1% daily but also depends on volatility. I have a couple beta testers now who can also vouch for the results.

If you are interested please email me for more details at uthful_at_outlook.com
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zhenSignal DuraHop
@DuraHop, could you help me figure out which part of the code cause repaint issue? thanks
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@zhenSignal, did you ever get a solution to this or just move on .. this indicator is extremely crooked very deceptive with its repaint issues
zhenSignal Investor-inagian
@Investor-inagian, Hi,mate. I didn't get a solution. to my knowledge, the problem with strategy assioated to p&f was not the repainting issue, but the p&f itself.
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@DuraHop, pleasae more details
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How to add alerts to this?
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!!!Repaints, just a waste of time!!!
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Hi, nice can you add commission on backtest that 0.075% and see the results
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