SN Intraday Bundle

The intraday bundle is a combination of this item:

1 ) Buy and Sell trailing based on the Average True Range (ATR) with an alert

2 ) 3 customizable moving average line
Blue: MA 1 (5)
Red: MA 2 (18)
Green: MA 3 (13)

3 ) Trend line indicator
Green: when CCI is positive
Orange: when CCI is negative

4 ) Trend card background-color based on EMA trend direction
Green: Uptrend
Red: Downtrend
Yellow: Neutral

5 ) Bursa Malaysia Limit Up and Limit Down indicator
Green Dotted Line: + 30% from last day closed priced
Red Dotted Line: - 30% from last day closed priced

6 ) Daily, weekly, and monthly VWAP line
Grey: Daily VWAP
Blue: Weekly VWAP
Silver: Monthly VWAP

7 ) Above and below daily VWAP indicator with alert
Blue Arrow Up: Price above daily VWAP
Blue Arrow Down: Price below daily VWAP

Trade with caution ✌️
Versionshinweise: 8 ) Banker Move
Yellow Arrow-Up: Indicate banker entry
Yellow Arrow-Tail: Indicate the force strength of the banker entry

*Banker chip/movement is based on RSI strong momentum similar to MACDx
Versionshinweise: Bug fixes on overlay
Versionshinweise: Release Notes: 9 ) Bullish and Bearish Engulfing
The blue "BE" label indicates the Bullish Engulfing pattern
The red "BE" label indicates the Bearish Engulfing pattern
Versionshinweise: Bug fixes on banker chip color
Versionshinweise: Bug fixes on banker short line color
Add in settings to disable MA line
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