Trader Set - Volume Price Momentum

This is the latest tool in my methodology, a momentum indicator that combines PRICE and VOLUME .
There are two modes that you can use this : Normal, and Power Of Two. In the picture, the top one is set to normal, as you can see, it goes in the negative zone on each retrace, on the bottom one, we set it to the power of two mode, it still shows the same divergence in momentum vs price move but there is no negative section, instead, it only shows the POWER of the momentum without any direction indication.

Please don't contact me for getting access to these tools, they are only available to my students. Right now, the English version of the website and learning material is under development. The moment they are ready, I will announce it under every related script in the comment section.
Nov 06
Versionshinweise: - Fixed a very dangerous mistake in formula that would cause the histogram and indicator to be drawn upside down is some time frames !
Nov 08
Versionshinweise: Added words "V.P. MOM." for Volume Price Momentum so that users can easily identify the indicator.
Nov 12
Versionshinweise: My most powerful tool so far

- Added options to change the period of calculations
- Added options to change the momentum input, set the price as default, this will make this tool close to what we had in my momentum oscillator but this uses totally different and customizable formula. The other options are to put volume or volume's regression as the momentum's input.
- Added Additional information on the right hand side, so the user can easily identify the calculation period, calculation type and momentum input
Nov 12
Versionshinweise: - Added a moving Regression with my original fomula
- Set the default momentum input to volume
Nov 17
Versionshinweise: Lots of code cleaning and Sanity checks for NAN values.
Nov 27
Versionshinweise: Code cleanup, Final Version.
Dec 06
Versionshinweise: There is a big change in every oscillator related to my methodology, Added all sort of averaging types : HMA, RMA, EMA, WMA, SMA, KAMA, FAMA, MAMA. Also, where ever we are calculating momentum in any sort or shape, now user has the ability to switch the type between TSI and MACD, and not only that, but the selected momentum type will also use the selected averaging type !!!!
Dec 18
Versionshinweise: Code cleanup. This is the final version
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For those of you who are interested in the methodology and tools, until the website gets ready, I created a telegram channel, see you all there :
Hello everyone, I had decided that before the English version of website and learning material comes out for students, if they want to buy tools, I make it available for them to buy.

Here is the deal :

The whole package contains 19 tools, if you want to purchase single tools from the least, each tool is 55$, but if you want the whole package, it is 1000$ saving 45$ there. Also, if in future, you want to buy the learning course, you can pay the difference of the course price with the amount you have payed to buy the tools because the learning course will come with the tools and the price of tools will be added to the course, so, if you have bought the whole package of tools you will pay less 1000$ for course, and if you have bought selected tools, we will reduce the amount you paied for the tools from the course price.

1 -

2 -

3 -

4 -

5 - Woodies Super CCI :

6 - Whttps://www.

7 -

8 -

9 -

10 -

11 -

12 -

13 -

14 -

15 -

16 -

17 -

18 -


The methods you can pay are these :

1- using perfect money or web money
2- using USDT or TUSD

You need to add the transaction fee to the amount you have to pay so that exact amount of the price sits inside the wallet. Here are the addresses, make sure you send correct asset to correct wallet:

USDT & TUSD : 0x9bF41739355D0f47Febf16257c9Daf15A903D238

Web Money : Z718681329608

Perfect Money : U12594562

After you sent the price contact me in pm and as soon as the amount sits inside the wallet I will grant you the access to the tools you payed for. These tools are per account licensed for life time.
CAB_Member CAB_Member

USDT & TUSD : 0x9bF41739355D0f47Febf16257c9Daf15A903D238
CAB_Member CAB_Member

Web Money : Z718681329608
CAB_Member CAB_Member

Perfect Money : U12594562
CAB_Member CAB_Member
@CAB_Member, These tools are provided WITHOUT ANY learning material (WYSIWYG) and won't be supported on learning material. For that, you would need to participate on the learning course in future.
drag the mouse with left click on the time for the chart in this page to better fix the resolution on this page, I use 4 monitors and the resolutions are not suited for the web page.
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