Moving Average Trend

This is a Moving Average Script that contains both a cloud and a ribbon that has independent MA-type selection.
⬆ green arrow up = up trend flip
⬇ red arrow down = down trend flip
🟢 Green Dot = Potential Long
🔴 Red Dot = Potential Short

1 — Cloud, like most trading algo, the cloud is made of 8 short term MA , with MA cross and MA cross (longema)

2 — Ribbon, this is by default turned off, the default values , an option in setting to change longema to look for ribbon cross

3 — Sequence, It goes from 1 – 9 at 9 the sequence resets. The sequence changes colour depending on if it’s a down trend(red) or uptrend(green) or an over extended trend (yellow)
Setup definitions
Red sell start = current close < the close 4 candles back
Yellow sell extended = current close < last close and current close < two closes back

Green buy start = current close > the close 4 candles back
Yellow buy extended = current close last close and current close < two closes back
This can help you find when it’s time to get out, or sit out of a choppy trend.

4 - Moving Average types:
sma = Simple Moving Average
ema = Exponential Moving Average
wma = Weighted Moving Average
vwma = Volume Weighted Moving Average
rma = Running Moving Average
alma = Arnaud Legoux Moving Average
hma = Hull Moving Average
jma = Jurik Moving Average
frama-o = frama
frama-m = frama mod
dema = Double Exponential Moving Average
tema = Triple Exponential Moving Average
zlema = Zero lag Exponential Moving Average
smma = Smoothed Moving Average
kma = kaufman Moving Average
tma = triangular Moving Average
gmma = Geometric Mean Moving Average
vida = Variable Index Dynamic Average
cma = Corrective Moving average
rema = Range Exponential Moving average

• FEATURES: to describe the detailed features of the script, usually arranged in the same order as users will find them in the script's inputs.
 • HOW TO USE  • LIMITATIONS: Like with any MA script there is a lag factor associated with is.
 • RAMBLINGS: Experiment to your hearts content with all the MA types, I'm impartial to HMA as is
 • NOTES: some of the MA's are more taxing, therefore take longer to load, be patience, this is a trimmed down version of an existing invite only script i have
Versionshinweise: █ Update :
+ added the support for higher timeframes
+ Added a bool to switch for sequence
+ Added input for lookback bar for sequence, defval is 4
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