Flexible MACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence) Indicator

The Moving Average Convergence Divergence consists of three elements: two moving averages (the MACD line and the signal line) and a histogram. The blue MACD line is the difference between a longer and a shorter EMA (here 13 and 21 periods preset), the red signal line is an SMA (here 8 preset) on the MACD line. The histogram (green: ascending, red: descending) shows the difference between both lines.

As soon as the blue MACD line crosses the red signal line, circles are generated that indicate an up/down trend. If the red signal line is greater than or equal to the blue MACD line, this indicates a downward trend (red circle). If the blue MACD line is greater than or equal to the red signal line, this indicates an upward trend (green circle).

The special thing about this MACD indicator is the many setting options, especially the definition of the MA variants for MACD (Fast, Slow) and signal. You can define the following MA types: "COVWMA", "DEMA", "EMA", "EHMA", "FRAMA", "HMA", "KAMA", "RMA", "SMA", "SMMA", "VIDYA", "VWMA", "WMA".

You also have the following display options:
- "Up/Down Movements: On/Off" - Shows ascending and descending MACD , signal lines
- "Up/Down Movements: Rising Length" - Defines the length from which ascending or descending lines are detected
- "Bands: On/Off" - Fills the space between MACD and signal lines with colors to indicate up or down trends
- "Bands: Transparency" - sets the transparency of the fill color

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. For purpose educate only. Use at your own risk.
  • PineScript 4 compatibility increased. Deprecated attribute "transp" replaced by function
  • Update function "funcSMMA()": extract the call of the the function 'sma' from the ternary operator
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