K.M Trend Strategy (BETA 1.2)

My beautiful traders, how is everyone doing? This indicator I built detects trends, I haven't seen any repaints, I only had 3 minor ones. It is still on BETA version.

To all new traders, and busy traders I will be posting one that you can set alerts. Please look under my profile or type "K.M Trend Alerts (BETA 1.2)" .

I ask for everyone to try this script out, please provide any feedback under in the comments below. Any feedback will be amazing! Thank you to everyone, and


Kevin Manrrique

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strategy("K.M Trend Strategy (BETA 1.2)")
    //// This script is built by Kevin Manrrique, if you have any information or questions ////
    //// about this script and how it works please message me. K.M Trend Alerts (BETA 1.2) is a //// 
    //// testing indicator. If your intrested in recieving signals please follow us on; Instagram: TWTForexGroup ////
    //// We build, rebuild, repair, and test if intrested inbox me /////
    //// Appreciate what you have around you, not everyone lives like us ////
    //// Sincerely, ////
    //// Kevin Manrrique //// 

    //// Main ////
tim="2440", minval=1
tim2="1440", minval2=1

    //// Lines ////
line1 = security(tickerid, tim, close[1])
line2 = security(tickerid, tim2, close[0.99])
line3 = line2 - line1

    //// Plot ////
plot(line3, style=columns, color=orange, linewidth=3, title="P")

    //// Additions ////
plot(baseline, style=line, color=black, title="B")

    //// Signals ////
longcondition = cross(line3, baseline)
if (longcondition)
    strategy.entry("Buy",  strategy.long)

shortcondition = crossunder(line3, baseline)
if (shortcondition)
    strategy.entry("Sell", strategy.short)


gives signal and then takes signal away 20 minutes later. doesn't seem useful for live trading.
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Neroo1347 joeadante3b
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Looks great for back testing but cannot use it for live trade , I left the indicator working for sometimes, then screenshot the chart when I see sell or buy and then reload or look it at next day , They actually move to different locations in comparison to where they were at when looking at them live.

To be honest,It means that an indicator is changing an outcome re-painting its historical data which is lagging behind live ( looking forward )
The past is "repainted" in every tim2="1440" min or for whatever timeframe I use like other re painting indicators or strategies ANN , Gettrend ..etc

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@TradeWithConfidence Hi Do you have the 1.4 version you are talking about?
Is there a way to use the pyramid option like ANN 2 signals? Thank you
Is there a way to use this as a pyramid option? Thank you
Hi everyone, It's been a while. So I've been getting messages by many people, let me star saying that there is no HOLY GRAIL. Using "close" to catch future data is false, there is no way for it to not repaint unless you use "open". Stop trying to spend hours a day trying to fix it, because trust me. I did all the work for you. If you want to start somewhere then starting using "open". From there you can switch periods, maybe add RSI to it also to confirm sell and buy trends, and etc.

Remember if your trying to catch future data you can only use "open". I hope all the best for all of you, if you have any questions please feel free to inbox me.
Anyone that comments that this is not a good strategy is not thinking correctly. I copied the code into my pine script editor and added commission, NZDUSD 1h, still profitable. I will be adding a moving average to only sell when price is below it and buy when above. Thank you for making this.
Excellent Kevin, thanks for all of your hard work. One question.. Is each new signal (regardless of timeframe) really generated right at the open of each trading day or.. Is this does each new signal fire off at any point during the trading session and the strategy only marks the signal as being generated at the session opening hour? This was the one thing about ANN that really made the system unreliable in addition to the re-paints. Thanks!
profit factor seems unreal, like ann strategy before but nice project tho, i'll test it repaint or not and ill let you know. great work btw, keep diggin brah, no time is wasted