MA Cross++ [@TradersVenue]

Using this indicator you can apply EMA cross of different EMA types. For reducing noise you may think of applying double smoothing and use it in conjunction with RSI and ADX combination. You may consider using the RDX++ indicator published to public library
Ex: If RSI and ADX is bullish (Green) and you are getting a buy signal, then probability of winning is high. Same with sell signals, if supported by RSI and ADX then it may be more sustainable. Whatever, money and risk management is the holy grail. However this script doesnt include it. Basis your risk:reward you can decide entry and exits.

As per backtesting results, setup with default settings performs well when used in medium to higher timeframes (preferably 75M/125M/1D)

For queries, suggestions, access requests you can reach out to me using below social media handles.

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