Mansfield Relative Strength indicator

Use this indicator to compare how security is performing in compare with preferred index ( SPX by default).
> 0 outperforming
< 0 underperforming

Works best for weekly, but can be applied to monthly and daily charts . It will be rather useless to use it in smaller timeframes
Apply it to SPX , industry index, sector index or other security in similar sector
Versionshinweise: UPDATE 1: Added sector and industry as optional params. Leave them same as index if you don't want to use them
Open-source Skript

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m unable to load it to my scrips, plz tell from u getvthis indiactor in trading view..thanks
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lotusheart naizycm
@naizycm, it worked ! just copy paste
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How can I change this to use the FTSE 100 ass the benchmark, all help appreciated
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Thank you ! I've been looking everywhere for this !
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very helpful thanks. What is the period/length? I understand the option to check moving average on/off but couldn't tell what the length is for
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@Borsaliz, By default 200 for daily, 52 for weekly, 10 for monthly. It can be changed in settings. Stan Weinstein used 52 for weekly in his book, I wanted to adapt it for shorter and longer timeframes if you're switching between timeframes without the need to constantly change length of MA
Borsaliz OstapChester
@OstapChester, thank you
I am still not able to figure out the color coding (Background Color Style) for this.
I would like it to have green colored when it is above 0 line and Red color when below 0 line. How can I do that ?

Any help appreciated.
Hi, This isnt working if the company is new and doesnt have 200 days/52 weeks of history. Is there a way to get RS during that period as well?

This script is getting even when there is no history. Please share your thoughts.

@vdtedla1, how do you expect to calculate RS without data? :) Obviously, it cannot work in such case