AYN: Buy-, Sell-, Trend- and SwingSignals incl. AutoFibo


i want to introduce you to my AllYouNeed-Indicator. I calculate the buy sell signals within different timeframes independent in wich timeframe you are, therefore Pinescript suppose the Signal could be repainted. I was not able to fix this error, but after frequent checks of the result i haven't found a single repaint. Please try it out and let me know me, if you still get caught by a repaint.

- Short, Mid and Longterm-Trends
- Buy and Sell Signals and Results as well with Labels (Prices, Percentage, Win/Lose)
- Length Multiplier for different Marketsituations
- Trend-Signals with Barcolors (Lime=Uptrend, Fuchsia=Downtrend)
- Swing-Signals with Barcolors (Lime=Upswing, Orange=Downswing)
- Auto-Fibonacci with changing Linecolors as Support(green) / Resistance(red)

Hope you like it, feel free to contact me for further informations.

Please leave a comment on what I can do better, thanks.

Best regards,
Versionshinweise: Update: added the functionality to show labels with and without prices --> just uncheck prices
Versionshinweise: Update: updated Results for Short Positions
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