Market analysis panel MAP DejaVuTrades

The market analysis dashboard allows you to view multiple markets simultaneously to make a quick and timely decision.
You can add up to 6 markets per panel between Forex, Cryptos, Stocks, Futures , CFDs, Indices, and comparing their current state in any different timeframe in which you are currently, selecting it from its configuration.

Below is the explanation of each column of the panel.

►Title: Select the name of your panel grouping by type of market.

►Bullish or bearish market: Reference of the selected time frame indicating a green progress bar when the market trend is bullish , and red when the market is bearish , with the strength percentage.

►Variation by temporality: Current relationship with the close of the previous candle, depending on the selected temporality. indicating you in a green progress bar when the variation is positive, and red when the variation is negative, with their respective percentage.

►Nominal volume: it is a multiplication of the current volume with the current price, its immediate relationship is from the marketcap of the selected market with its respective value.

To view the values, simply put the mouse over the progress bar.
Versionshinweise: UP V 1.0.1
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