Simple Bollinger Band and stochastic oscillator strategy for SPX

This is a very simple Bollinger Band strategy with stochastic oscillator added. Main trend is determined by Band breakout while (5,3,3) stochastic crosses is used for additional entries. Alert function is configured as "one alert for any events", so that free users can set up and get alert for every events in the script. The following code segment can be manipulated as your needs, by removing or keeping "//" comment slashes etc. Entries should be above/below the signal bars and 7-8 points should be regarded as first target, trail the left. Good luck !

signal = bbupcross or bbdowncross //or add_long or add_short
Open-source Skript

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thank you the examples showing about divergent, isn't? thank you :)
Hi, I dont see the RSI display, looking at the script it looks like it should?
GurselKona clone337
@clone337, neither the script nor the chart includes RSI
Thanks bro, very good idea !