KINSKI Laguerre Filter Wave

The "Laguerre Filter Wave" Indicator usually shows market cycles and is a perfect fit for swing traders who trade with market fluctuations. Upward-trends are shown as green lines and optional bands. Downward trends are represented by the color red. Each of the 18 available lines can be adjusted to your own preferences via a gamma factor.

You also have the following display options:
- "Up/Down Movements: On/Off" - Shows ascending and descending of lines
- "Bands: On/Off" - Fills the space between the lines with colors to indicate up or down trends
- "Bands: Transparency" - sets the transparency of the fill color
- "MA Line: Size" - sets the width of the lines
- "MA Line: Transparency" - sets the transparency of the lines
  • PineScript 4 compatibility increased. Deprecated attribute "transp" replaced by function
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