EasySignals - Buy and Sell Indikator

EasySignals is a all-in-one-indicator specialized for 4H HeikinAshi Candles proven with BTCUSD . I think it is a nice tool for newbies and no-pro users like me.

It includes following tools to work with:
- Auto Fibonacci levels for recent ranges
- HeikinAshi changes of trends
- Long and short signals based on Bitfinex
- Trend indicator based on 'Supertrend V1.0'
- Colored bars for possible trend changes
- Power of balance signals
- Keltner Channel Signals
- Triple EMA signals
- Bollinger signals
- MACD Signals
- RSI signals
- CCI signals

For all signals there are alerts available. You can turn on and off any indicator und put in some own configurations. The default values are the ones i am currently using.

Feel free to use it and maybe give me some hints, what i can do better. Also feel free to contact me for further information, i can send you for example a picture with a description of the indicator and signals, but i can't upload it because of too less reputation.
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