[PX] Pivot Zones

Hello everyone,

I was having some fun with the new gradient function, arrays and pivots . Decided that i would publish my little playground :)
This script basically draws lines or zones for detected pivot high and lows and counts the number of candles those levels have been untested.
Tested levels will stop at the candle, which breaks them.

How does it work?

- Define the number of candles that make up the pivot point with the "Pivot Left" and "Pivot Right" parameter (I took more extreme values to showcase the indicator).
- Select your "Layout Type": This can be either a line at the pivot point , a zone between the pivot point and its body or the average of the two.
- You can in-/decrease the number of lines with the "Number of Lines/Zones" parameter.

The older a line becomes the more it will lose of its original transparency.

Hope that might be useful to some of you :)

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great work.. clean and crisp - thank you
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Very nice! Thanks a lot for the contribution!
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Appreciate the submission. Always love looking out for your new material.
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Thank you, what a fine fellow you are!
lovely and useful