This indicator is used to find support and resistance utilizing both SMA and VWAP. It can be used on lower and higher time frames to understand where price is likely to reject or bounce.

How it works
Rather than using the usual calculation for the VWAP, instead this script smooths the volume first with the SMA and then respectively calculates the smoothed multiplication of high, low and close price with the volume individually. These values are then divided by the smoothed volume to find individual VWAP's for each of the sources. The standard deviations of these are calculated, resulting in an upper, lower and middle band. It is essentially VWAP bands with some smoothed calculations in the middle.

How to use it
I like to use the bands for LTF scalping as well as HTF swings.

For scalping:
  • I tend to use either the 5m or 15m TF
  • I then set the indicator's TF to 1m
  • I will take a scalp based on the bands confluence with other PA methods, if price is being either supported or rejected.

For swings:
  • I tend to use a variety of TFs, including: 30m, 1H, 4H, D
  • I then set the indicator's TF to "Chart"
  • I will take a swing based on the bands confluence with other PA methods, if price is being either supported or rejected.

I also tend to use them on perpetual contracts as the volume seems to be more consistent and hence results in more accurate support and resistance.

Open-source Skript

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