[J04] Tide | MA

Journal 04:
Tide Algorithm © Trusting-Miracles (please contact me if you duplicate, copy, or reconstruct my source code)

Mission Statement:
Program a series of moving averages to formulate a directional flow infographic resembling the ocean.

Editors Notes:
In accordance with the spirit of wave analysis I thought of designing an algorithm that could be applied during critical thinking, the essence of the indicator is theoretical but the construct is built from all tested, tried, and trued algorithms that are already apart of Wall Streets community of great thinkers.

Developer Notes:
Sometimes the chart will skew because the McGinley Dynamic averages are calculating a value too low or near zero, the solution is found in the settings menu of the indicator: find the option box labeled "Fix Skew" and select it.

It's as simple as using a Moving Average Ribbon paired with the Bollinger Bands (the same information applies); the only difference of course is the infographic presents the information in an oceanographic interface.

I'm extremely interested in any theories, signals, insights, etc. the community develops while using my Tide indicator; please be anxious to share them directly with me any way you can.

Final Thoughts:
I will keep the indicator apprised with updates, whether that be for notes or improvements to the source code.

About the Author:
I strive to become one of Tradingview's pinescript Wizards and Top Authors, as well as build a reputable reputation & following.

"Don't forget to comment, like, share, and follow me!"

P.S. Thank you Tradingview for the awesome pinescript coding language & programing interface!
Versionshinweise: System Requirements: I recommend a computer with at least 6GB of ram and a 3.0GHz CPU or better (for multi-screen layouts it may require an aftermarket 4GB GPU or better) because the Tide | MA uses 53 plots to form its infographic and can cause a system with insufficient resources to freeze or crash. Note the specified system requirement isn't mandatory, it can be run on a computer with far less adequate resources (you'll be taking the chance at your own risk).

Troubleshooting: (1) reloading the webpage (save your work first) or clearing cookies/temporary files can resolve minor issues that occur while trying to load the indicator onto the chart (2) turning off hardware acceleration on the web browser can resolve minor performance issues after the indicator is loaded onto the chart.
Versionshinweise: ..
Feature Update:
I've added the option to color code the candles using the same schematics as the Tide infographic, by default the option is turned on. If the candles didn't change colors hover the mouse over the indicator title after the script has been added to the chart, select the "three dot" drop down menu all the way to the left, scroll down to the option "Visual order" and select "Bring to front". To turn it off find the option "Color Candles" in the indicator's settings menu and deselect it, then move the indicator's visual order "to the back".
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Instruction typo:
The three dot drop down menu is found all the way to the right, not all the way to the left.
Versionshinweise: "Updated the cover photo."


🎄Happy Trading 🎀
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