Timeframe Continuity

Based on Rob Smith from T3Live's "The Strat" system.

Places an indicator on the top right of the chart that shows if the current bar on the current or higher timeframe is red or green.

Allows the user to identify timeframe continuity or conflicting timeframes at a glance.

Not recommended for those who have not completed Rob's course.
Nov 13
Versionshinweise: Script will now draw a yellow circle behind the associated arrow if the current bar is inside.

Indicator has also been moved to the bottom of the screen by default.
Dec 13
Versionshinweise: Moved default location back to top.
Jan 19
Versionshinweise: A silver square will now display behind the associated red/green arrow if the current bar is outside.

Changed location of bars to the right of the current bar to improve visibility.

This script is designed for those who view multiple symbols simultaneously and do not have the screen space to view all time frame charts at the same time.

The Strat
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Don't know if your still a active trader on here. But I havent watched robs course but seen alot of his videos on youtube. I have a question on time frame continuity, Do I take a bullish trade once everything is green and at the closing of the 60 bar? For a bull trade i look for the lows of the day with s/r. can you please help me. I just want to be successful.
boardriderb Haadisaqib
@Haadisaqib, I'm really not qualified to teach The Strat. The only thing I can really tell you there is to take Rob's course and study all of the videos closely. If you reach out to Rob or T3Live, they can probably work out an introductory price for you, and you can knock out the whole course in a month.
Haadisaqib boardriderb
@boardriderb, I know you said you are not worthy of teaching TFC. One question if it doesn't mind you.... how do you enter once seeing FTFC. Do you enter upon the closing of the lowest time frame bar. or wait for a 2-1-2 or 3-2 pattern? If you have videos of the t3 live course, can PM me it? would be much appreciated... I can't afford the course as all my money is in a brokerage account. im a freshman in high school :)
boardriderb Haadisaqib
@Haadisaqib, ask T3 for a deal. Sometimes they do a $49 intro month. Like the description says; these scripts are not recommended for anyone who has not completed the course.
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Could you create a new indicator combining all three? This way I would be able to add more indicators to my chart. I feel like anyone following TheStrat is using all three anyways, so having them combined could make room for other indicators due to TV's indicator limits.
This is superb! Thank you for sharing. Would it be possible to include the lower timeframes also?
Awesome, thanks! This same indicator for intraday time frames would be cool too.
Здравствуйте. На каком таймфрейме индикатор лучше работает? Я только учусь.
Just started to study The Strat with Rob. Thank you so much for these indicators. Very helpful.
@RCrum glad you find them useful. Thanks for the comment!
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