VACP Background and/or Candles

Original math equation coded by coder fxrapid's VACP indicator.
One of the few Welles Wilder fans on TV that I can tell, so BRAVO!!! I have tweaked the rotation as a little bird told me it was off by a day.

I have turned this from an oscillator to an optional background color and/or colored candles. I like to use the color candles with bars or with my candle colors
set to shades of white & grey (as pictured on the chart) so that I can still see the direction of price if I need to without turning off the indicator.
Combine this with my World Markets indicator to highlight full sessions and you can really hone in on session patterns.

Time zone is set to CST, but this will change the days if you not in the US. I do not know how this changes the rules of rotation.

Welles Wilder theory of Delta Phenomenon is a 4 day rotation theory that can also be applied to the week, month, and year and is
sometimes used with TD Sequential with candle counts that are product specific. Welles Wilder and Thomas DeMark indicators are not for the faint
of heart so I highly recommend reading up on their theory before relying on this for a trade. But if you're into patterns, this is a fun, seemingly never
ending, project. Especially fun when used with "Bar Pattern" prediction tool. And if you're into Harmonics that's even better!

This rotation can be viewed both daily and weekly. The weekly color is always the first day of the week. The color of the week does effect the behavior
of the color days. I have also noticed that the summer doldrums seem to skew the outcome and predictability. Most days have at least 2 rotations in RTH
except trend days that usually only occur once per week. I have yet to figure out the rotation of the months or years.

Feel free to send me a message if you find anything interesting.

Trade safe, Have fun, and Welcome To The Rabbit Hole!!
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