Viperz RSI v1.2

The color of the RSI inner bands will change from Purple to Green if RSI >70 and they will change to yellow if RSI >75. Nothing else has been changed from the standard RSI . Please understand I'm testing how publishing indicators works in Trading View. I have only done a minor adjustment to the RSI indicator, but I plan to do much more once I fully understand the publishing process. Thank you. Hope you enjoy. :)
Versionshinweise: Viperz RSI v1.26

As noted previously, I have not changed the RSI formula in any way. You can see it's the same as the built in RSI. The difference is the default coloring and also I have made the color bands change color according to the intervals RSI value.
White is the default if it's within the normal RSI range of 30-70 (which is purple on built in RSI). I think my coloring works extremely well with a black background. The coloring is as follows:

0-20 Yellow
20-25 Light Green
25-30 Green
30-70 WHITE
70-75 Red
75-80 Purple
80-100 Pink

The reason I like this is that it makes overbought and oversold values "pop out" to me at a quick glance. Although this only has visual changes, it is very convenient for me, because I spend less time checking RSI when making use of my quick, easy recognizable color coding.

Changelog from v1.2 to 1.26
* Removed Yellow and Green from overbought. Moved them to oversold instead (Green means buy), and also added Light Green. Added colors Red, Purple and Pink for oversold.
* Made default background White, instead of purple.
* Made default RSI plot line and value (right of title) a nice light blue color that is easily readable.

I'm keeping this script locked, but I will grant access to this for only 0.0005 BTC. Private message me to inquire.

Plans for next release is to use a color gradient. This will add more coloring at different values and go from light to dark/ dark to light in a better way.
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