Trading Rush Signals & Alerts

This is an unofficial script for strategies tested on TRADING RUSH Youtube channel. Over time, most successful strategies will be added with an option to set strategy-specific alerts. Trading Rush Signals & Alerts will draw signals on the chart when the entry conditions are met. You can also opt for displaying indicators.

My script is meant for beginners but can be used by veterans too. Just pick only one or two strategies, you don't want to flood your chart with conflicting signals. You may want to support your trades with a proper analysis. If a new signal occurs when there is still an open position, you are not supposed to take another.

The current version includes MACD and Donchian Channels .

MACD strategy:
►Buy, when MACD crosses below the signal line when it is negative. The price must also be above 200 EMA .
►Sell, when MACD crosses above the signal line when it is positive. The price must also be below 200 EMA .
►This strategy was tested on 30-minute charts of EURUSD and EURJPY with reward-to-risk ratio 1,5 and win rate of 62% over 100 trades.
►►►MACD has to be added to your chart separately because it needs a new window. Indicators displaying will not add this indicator to the chart.

Donchian Channels strategy:
►Buy, when the price breaches Donchian to the upside after making a new low. The price must also be above 200 EMA .
►Sell, when the price breaches Donchian to the downside after making a new high. The price must also be below 200 EMA .
►Stop-loss is Donchian bottom for long and Donchian top for shorts. Check the channel for more information.
►This strategy was tested on 30-minute charts of EURUSD with reward-to-risk ratio 1,5 and win rate of 58% over 100 trades.
►►►I programmed alerts for Donchians to come ahead of an actual breach. If you often leave the screen when trading, this will help you. The necessary downside for that is the alerts might come when the signal doesn't trigger in the end. You will see a mark on the chart if the conditions are truly met.

Bear in mind that backtesting performance doesn't guarantee future profitability. • Most systematic strategies are not suitable for any timeframe. • You should perform your own backtest to base your trades on more data & to establish confidence in the selected strategy.

New strategies will be added when I have time. If I see multiple people asking for the same new feature, I might agree to release it with a new version. I am not going to add input options in this script, it could come as a separate script though. I am in no way affiliated with the Youtubechannel, so if you find the script helpful, shot me a message or send me some TradingView coins >)

If you encounter any bug, you can report it in a message or in comments. Support it with screenshot and relevant information such as a time when it occurred and what options were on etc.

Versionshinweise: 1 strategy added to the script...

Ichimoku Cloud strategy:
►Buy, when conversion crosses over baseline when price is above the cloud. The price must also be above 200 EMA .
►Sell, when conversion crosses belowbaseline when price is below the cloud. The price must also be below 200 EMA .
►This strategy was tested on 30-minute charts of EURJPY with reward-to-risk ratio 1,5 and win rate of 53% over 100 trades.
►►►The author mentions not every entry should be taken. Even when the conditions are valid, there are further possibilities to filter out the wrong signals that require subjective interpretation of the market.
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Will spend some time testing, but this is really awesome. Well done!!!
+1 Antworten
@iGBH, Good luck. I use this one myself.
I did backtest what the author of Trading Rush considers as best indicators (MACD crossover with EMA200, Ichimoku) using 1:1 ATR-based R:R. I mostly found poor backtest results, across all TF and tickers. I still like the Youtube channel for what it is (vulgarisation of trading, some useful advices...), but I find no consistency in the backtest-results of the "Indicator tested 100 times" series. If trading could be profitable just using simple indicator rules, all traders would be rich haha
greenmask9 Hachann
@Hachann, I agree. It is necessary to support the trades with other non-indicator edge. Supzistances and fundamentals come to mind. Or volume profile analysis, trading days type...
Alerts are not tested. Can someone confirm if they work as intended?
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