TD Setup Multi-Timeframe Table

This indicator shows a table in the top right corner with 6 cells. Each cell represent a timeframe and the current ticker's TD setup value for that timeframe. It only works on higher timeframes than what is currently used on the chart, a lower timeframe will show a gray cell and no TD setup value. The timeframes for each cell can be adjusted in settings.
Green cell = sell setup
Red cell = buy setup

The setup logic is the same as my other indicator "TD Sequential Setup and Countdown".
  • Fixed bug when selecting "1 Day" timeframe in settings
  • Added settings for table position and border width
  • Added settings for number of rows and columns to use (max 3x2)


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Open-source Skript

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My suggestions would be the following:
- show the 9 on the current chart with the corresponding S/R levels
- option to show the MTF 9 levels on the current chart as well
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lirre8 SSPEN
@SSPEN, Thanks for the input.
To see the current charts TD count you can always use my other indicator "TD Sequential Setup and Countdown" :) Maybe I should add an option to only show the 9's on that one.
MTF 9's on current chart is a cool idea. Maybe I'll look into that when I got time.
Very nice script. Have been using it for the last week or so.

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lirre8 townsolan
@townsolan, Thank you! Happy you like it.
Thank you so much the script! There are some issues with lower time frames (5min and 15 min) . i.e. You can only see 5min setup if you are in 5m time interval charts.
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lirre8 ql96a
@ql96a, The table can only display the count for higher or the same time frame as the current one on the chart. This is because pine script merges the bars for lower time frames which causes data loss and inaccurate TD count. That is why time frames lower than the current chart will not be displayed in the table.