EasySignals 2.0 - Buy and Sell Indicator

Hello guys, this is my first try for a buy sell signal indicator. I hope you like it. The indicator consists of a swing signal and a trend signal. Both can be configured individually. The indicator is currently configured on the Bitcoin 4H Aikin Hashi Chart. However, depending on the setting, it can be used for any other timeframes and charts.

Configuration recommendation:
- First change "Multiply Indicator Length" so that the indicators hit the highs and lows best
- Then optimize the respective values for the individual Buys and Sells
- At the end you can switch the AutoFibos on and off

I would appreciate your feedback and would be happy to exchange my setup data at any time. Mine is atm 1 5 3 9 2 1

Yours sincerely
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sir plz give easysignal first one ....
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Does it repaint
sir easysignal first one is yours ????not this easy signal 2.0
can I try it please?
snurk Himaeus
@Himaeus, Hi yes for sure, just add it to your favorites :-)
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Himaeus snurk
@snurk, Thank you! I try and observe it, maybe 2 or max 3 days. After the try I give you my feedback. ;-)
DerElch Himaeus
@Himaeus, looks like your 3 days became 3 months ;)
Himaeus DerElch
@DerElch, what? After one day i sent my feedback, and tell him that this also repaint!
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