Crypto Market Breadth [m59]

Description and documentation can be found within the script.
  • Removed BCH for now because of fork shenanigans. BFX removed the BCHUSD chart and broke the indicator.
  • Updated top 40 order
  • Added shorttitle
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An improvement on this would be to exclude bitcoin from the calculation so we can see if the "majors" perform better or worse than BTC.
I've tried a lot of your indicators, thanks for helping out the community
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Very excited to try your indicator! Thanks for sharing the love!
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How to do analysis of coin market cap or dominance there is no option but it can be done if u know sir plz guide me thanks
m59 Make_Money_Guru_Bitcoin
@Make_Money_Guru_Bitcoin, I'm not sure exactly what you're asking. Can you rephrase the question?
Thanks. I rely on your indicators.
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@m59 This is awesome dude. You've got some skills! Thank you very much for sharing!
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m59 wroclai
@wroclai, Thanks! :D
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@m59, Agree, you're a legend. I'd love to see some of your closed-off scripts. I can only imagine the quality
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