Supertrend (MTF) & Parabolic SAR

One of my mixed approach strategy indicators which includes:

- Parabolic SAR
- 1 Hour Supertrend
- 4 Hour Supertrend

Whilst this script may appear slow due to the 4hr Supertrend, it does a great job of managing breakouts.

Using this indicator is simple, if the line labeled Lifetime is green then buy, if red then sell OR don't trade. So...

Green Line - This strategy is in a buy position
Red Line - This strategy is in a sell position
Any other Color - DON'T TRADE

The traders approach is simple, when all indicators are green or red, then take the trade. As soon as one indicator changes, then re-evaluate using your normal process, such as price action, to determine whether to close the trade or continue.

If you require any further information or script modifications, please message me.

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Nice script.. Thinking that ATR calculation needs to done on muti timeframe.

atr = security(syminfo.tickerid, TPeriod, sma(tr, Periods))
This is fantastic! Thanks!!!
hey nelly whats up ...where is the supertrend mtf no repaint?
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