Very nice indicator that is giving us a more sensitive and faster then other (like ema , sma etc)
using the Z function ( i modify it from script of MichelT about Hull function )
as we see it act as much more faster then regular indicators
here in this script i put different length (10,50,100,150,200)
red is bearish
green is bullish
all credit is to MichelT the originator of this function which i just modify it a little
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settings of 10.20,30,40,50 length on daily chart
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Loved it!
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RafaelZioni Pratik_4Clover
@Pratik_4Clover, cool thanks
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Hi Rafael. I did not produce your z function in python correctly. Can you write down your function basically with python lists or pandas?
Excellent works as always mate; keep it up and thank you so much <3
This is very interesting. Any chance that you could create an alert that triggers when all the lines turn Red or Green?
Great Script Rafael, thx for sharing !!!!
RafaelZioni aristide
@aristide, thanks, how are you my friend, I was too much working in clinic lately so no time for anything:)