PIP Bands

Got a little board due to the lock-down so I have written this little script.

It allows you to set PIP Bands at levels on the chart.

The Back Line is Close plus Spread, the Red Line is PIPs below and the Green Lines are spaced at PIPs above at equal distance.

The top four lines can be toggled off. Set off as default.

There is a toggle for JPY Currencies and also for Puts and Calls.

You can change the Spread and also the distance between bands by a set amount of PIP's.

You can either let it run at current close price or set price.

Hope you enjoy. Be safe.

Comments appreciated.
Versionshinweise: I have added the option to use the Average True Range as the Pip Spread and also included Multi Time frame.
So you can have a 15 minute chart up and set it up to use a 4 Hour ATR n the calculation.
Just remember to check the "JPY" checkbox when using JPY crosses and uncheck when not.
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could it be possible and any idea how you would write the script to auto check the asset its on?
rmireland63 BadgerTrader
@BadgerTrader, What do you mean by auto check?
@rmireland63 This helps a lot in my teaching class! Many thanks! Can you add another option for GOLD?
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