Tensor Cloud (Open Source)

Tensor Cloud is a leading indicator based on linear extrapolation. Much like Ichimoku , it forms two clouds by opposing span lines (In this case Future Span A and Future Span B). It is accompanied by both Tip and Safe lines. Original post is here:  
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Multitimeframe fucntion for this would be good.
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@Jittra, It could easily be done. I will make one.
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Hey! Very interesting. Can you please explain how to read it? Ichimoku gives full sight on market sit s/r lines and so on.
TensorTom formaformula
@formaformula, s/r isn't much possible unless I make a new line for it. I could. Perhaps I will. Read it the same as you read an ichi cloud as far as strength to which side and what's coming next. It can also be seen as a forecast.
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