Bitmex Scalper

This is a helper script for Scalping and Day Trading at Bitmex.
  • Added feature to draw simultaneously Long and Short liquidity pools.
  • Set the dimension of the Trade Ladders using a percentage of the current price.
  • Fixed minor bugs.
Versionshinweise: Fixed bug related to Tier Width Relative to Price
  • Added separate inputs to shape the width of T1 and T2 Ladders
  • Fixed View to focus only on Intraday Charts
  • Set default Ladder Order to 1, to allow for a cleaner look by default
Versionshinweise: Integrated a ranging/trending signal to adapt the strategy
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I am committed to developing indicators that meet the requirements of professional traders. Hope you find it useful.

Please consider giving back and attract some good karma! :)



can I have a trial of this script? Thank you!
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Hey, could I try out your script for testing? I'm trying to finetune a market-maker bot and I can share that with you in return when it's done, I think this script could help alot.
Hello! can I have a trial of this script? Thank you!
Hi i would like to test your script, currently i am experimenting with liquidity pools on BMX, cross points of liquidations, thanks in advance
Hello! can I have a trial of this script? Thank you!
Hiii.. do you provide trail access for testing ?
gliderfund aviupawar
@aviupawar, Hi, I've sent you a PM
+1 Antworten
aviupawar gliderfund
@gliderfund, Hi.. I replied.. waiting for you to revert.
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