Zcash Quiet Before The Storm

Zcash in the potential setup state and has a great opportunity to increase up rapidly in the next few days
also it has a big chance for long term traders to invest in it for many reasons :
1- It has a small market capacity
2- many big investors beginning to invest in it and one of them become already a partner with Zcash company
3- The developers working on a big project called "Sapling cryptographic technology" which aim to reach to 2 Billions smartphones users
4- The best coin in privacy and security
So we have a two strategies
the short term strategy which start now and has two target 358 and 412 USDT
the long term startegy taget at 1150 USDT
I really prefer the long term here but it is up to you
Good Luck
Trade ist aktiv: The Short term strategy
Target at 358 USDT
Trade ist aktiv: Congratulation, short term profit reached at 358 USDT
with profit gain + 20%
follow my update for the second one
Hope that you make your days now
Trade ist aktiv: For The second short term Strategy
we need to broke this Resistance line(358 - 361) to move on it
So Good Luck with lot of pray
Trade ist aktiv: Broke the resistance line
Second strategy Loading .....
Trade ist aktiv: Now aim to the BOOM
Good Luck and Enjoy
Trade ist aktiv: Don't Panic and focus
it is still at our support line
Our Position is still good
Follow my next updates as much as you can
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: Now we reached the second target in less than 24 hours also
with profit +30%
Trade ist aktiv: Now we broke the down trend movement and ready for bounce divergence wave
so we have a great opportunity to enter now at 405 USDT
Target at 560 USDT
aim to finish it in another 24 hours
Good luck every one ...
Trade ist aktiv: We have a great bullish movement
Zcash go to the moon
Hope that all of you still following my strategy
If you like my analysis and want to support me I will more appreciate
My addressees
ZEC t1edQC8rqWMWvkMHe6Q9dS1jMxLYwVuJte3
BTC 1Q3Lmot8QosYLY6L2Pn7h1nreEzPuLGkqW
LTC LdghTQw4JgQ4tL9RjMqZ1wYLWDupssukq2
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: Congratulation we reached our Target with 220% profit
If you are Long term trader my advice to you is trying to keep it as much as you can
the real storm has not started yet
Good luck
god bless You guys
m_basiony Only0ne
@Only0ne, you too , hope you keep gaining the profit
Good luck for you
you mad my day @m_basiony
I hold zcash for the long term,
do you expect Zec/BTC will rise to 0.030 in short term ?
m_basiony MinoSafy
@MinoSafy, I am still working on it , but for now it can hit .027 easily
you can follow my update for the new strategies
MinoSafy m_basiony
OK @m_basiony, looking forward your prediction for Zec/Btc
Thank you
m_basiony MinoSafy
@MinoSafy, As I promise, I update a new analysis for ZEC / BTC you can follow it ...
good luck
MinoSafy m_basiony
@m_basiony, LEGEND
@m_basiony and zcash vs btc ?
m_basiony javpadter
@javpadter, I will post my Trading analysis ZEC / BTC Soon
but for now this two coins are in a ascending manner independently

+1 Antworten
m_basiony m_basiony
@m_basiony, As I promise, I update a new analysis for ZEC / BTC
so good luck for you
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