ZCash is looking to boom

BITTREX:ZECBTC   Zcash / Bitcoin
Possible pennant forming in ZEC. Indicators look decent, just need volume at the trigger and we could boom. Zcash is one of the big pump coins so it could go very high.
Kommentar: In idle mode. No volume yet. Soon.
Kommentar: Rocket is waiting, just needs a bit more fuel before takeoff
Kommentar: 15 min chart is oversold AF. RSI strong. Volume increasing.
Kommentar: First trigger confirmed.
Kommentar: Mega trigger/liftoff @ 0.059
Kommentar: If there is not enough volume to break through 0.059 we could see a slow down and a pennant on the 4hr chart
Kommentar: I have a feeling that a lot of money is tied up in BCC at the moment. But that looks to be forming a pennant so profits could come here soon :)
Kommentar: Targets are super difficult at the moment, so I'm going to be a little bit conservative and use an ascending target line. If the spike is too steep it will cross early. If it is a more sustained rise it will cross later :)
Kommentar: Updated uptrend
Kommentar: Increase in buy orders to <200 btc. Almost ready for the next leg up.
Kommentar: Critical point now. Needs to hold here to keep the pennant alive.
Kommentar: Trigger confirmed by 15 minute candle closing above trigger line. Still need volume to get this pump going.
Kommentar: Strap yourselves in. We are almost ready for liftoff.
Kommentar: Okay I'm off to bed. Hope to see tons of green candles when I wake up :)
Kommentar: Very good signs for ZEC. Just need volume really. Check out this chart by FatihSK87 for a long term perspective. He's usually very accurate with his charts.
Kommentar: I think in the mid to long term ZEC is about to start a bull run. Patience is key here. But if you are in it for the short term, I would say 0.064 is the next target.
Kommentar: Long term perspective based on Fatih's chart.
Kommentar: Very early day yet, but here are my short term thoughts. It's going to be an interesting day. Could be fireworks if we get volume :)
Kommentar: Sorry guys, that last chart was from Bitfinex. Still applies though.
Kommentar: Updated for Bittrex
Kommentar: Big cup than anticipated, but i think we found the bottom
Kommentar: Cup and handle failed to form. RSI and Stoch looks good though.
Kommentar: Looks like it's finally happening....
Kommentar: So we broke out of the small ascending triangle but there just wasn't enough steam to carry us over the line. Maybe everyone was too busy pumping Monero. Anyway, never fear, ZEC is just getting started. Once we cross this yellow line it should boom.
Kommentar: So ZEC is taking FOREVER to get going. I think it's time to start looking at things from a more long term perspective.
Interesting ut I think it still needs a bit more of time before it launches. I believe that we are right now in subwave 3 of wave C, so still 4 and 5 to go before a new motive wave starts that I think could take us back to 0.17 ;)

what do you think?
Brisben jorge964
@jorge964, I think that if BTC pumps and we pass ATH your prediction might be very accurate!
jorge964 Brisben
@Brisben, If BTC pumps and ZECBTC also then ZEDUSD will skyrocket! :D Let't see... ;)

You got me on ATH... what do you mean?

Brisben jorge964
@jorge964, ATH as in All Time High :)
jorge964 Brisben
@Brisben, hahaha, sorry, english is not my native language and some times I miss things ;)

I think we are in wave 5 on BTC so I believe that we can go to 6000US$ in November but then it could start a corrective wave... I need to update my BTC chart ;)
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Brisben jorge964
@jorge964, I agree. I'm thinking $5K in the next week or so.
Hell yeah, love that big green candle, hope it continues until target @ 230€ (for me) !
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@Ayen, Sold @ 236€ for 15% profit!
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@Ayen, Nice!
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More volume would be nice...
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