Bullish Pennant Building In Z-Classic

BITTREX:ZCLBTC   Zclassic / Bitcoin
Super bullish on Z-Classic. In my last chart I suspected a bullish ascending triangle , however with more data I believe it could be building a pennant now.

ZCL/BTCP snapshot date is 28-02-2018. Holders of ZCL             will get 1:1 allocation of BTCP ( Bitcoin             Private) during the upcoming fork. This will fuel a massive pump I believe, most likely followed by a huge dump after the snapshot is complete. We have seen similar things time and time again in BCH, BTG             , and NXT for example.

I've been doing research on the Z-Classic team, product etc and they seem solid, as does Bitcoin             Private.

PM me for entries, targets, custom charts, access to my paid Telegram group or my chart analysis course.
Kommentar: Pennant still intact. 3 weeks until snapshot.
Trade ist aktiv: Trigger is now @ 0.0124. Big upside after a close there.
Kommentar: Are you adequately prepared for what comes next?
Kommentar: I want to remind everyone that this is a HIGH RISK/HIGH REWARD trade. There will most likely be a big pump in the coming weeks followed by an equally large dump. It is very important that you have a strategy in place for this period of time. If you just want profits from this pump, then take profits as we move progressively upwards. If you actually want to hold BTCP then figure out how much you want.
Kommentar: This is a case study of NXT that I did with identical time periods. This exact pattern pay not play out, but it could, so be prepared. Also note that the dump occurs well before the snapshot.
Trade ist aktiv: The beginning of the pump or another fakeout? I'd love to see more volume tbh
Kommentar: Seems legit. Still looking for more volume, but I'm willing to call this a confirmed breakout. Now let's gooooo!
Kommentar: Now we're cooking with gas! 2 weeks until snapshot.
Kommentar: This is what you want to see right here, building strong support on previous resistance!
Kommentar: Let's goooooooooooo
Kommentar: Houston, are we ready? Affirmative, ready for take off.
Kommentar: Buy orders flooding in. An additional 60 BTC in the past 10 minutes
Kommentar: I don't think the real pump has begun yet. I expect at least one more big push before the snapshot. But be wary up at those heights because the decline will be equally rapid.
Kommentar: It's possible there is another pennant forming
Kommentar: If this is indeed the case it could break around the 24/25 and pump hard until close to the snapshot.
Kommentar: Okay the second pennant theory is broken. But I still think we will see another pump before snapshot.
Kommentar: Let's see...
Kommentar: Wow. There is 93 BTC buy orders waiting @ 0.012 - 0.0125.
Thumbs up!
any update? Thanks!
jomaha kulie
@kulie, Press the blue button on the right.
Brisben you once again proved that you got balls of elephant size. Great
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Brisben asdfghghj
@asdfghghj, Hahahaha. Thanks mate! Very happy with this one.
What is suggestion now?
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royeo mnuovo
@mnuovo, hodl till 0.027
Brisben mnuovo
@mnuovo, Depends on your strategy. I don't agree with blindly holding until 0.027. IMO you should look at incrementally selling 50% of your ZCL for profit and holding the other half for the fork.
thanks for great chart. whats your strategy for this one? how many % of ZCL you will be selling for profit and how many % of you going to keep it to get BTCP ? thanks!
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Brisben erelerel
@erelerel, Probably 50/50. BTCP is probably a good long hold.
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