On the VERGE of massive profits. Target $0.76!

BITTREX:XVGUSD   Verge / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)

I love the way VERGE is playing out. If the base of our
triangle fails to hold at the 50MA we could retrace back
to $0.07 (or .236 Fib).

Right now we are in the buy zone. I'd set up the bulk of
your buy orders here, between .07 and .11. Then, have a few
above and below (just in case).

Our longer term target will be around .76 cents! 800-900%+
profits. I'll take that.

Good luck my crypto trading friends!
Kommentar: Triangle base did not hold but .236 Fib retracement seems to be solid. Keep lining up those buy orders. You may not have many more opportunities like this.

Kommentar: Triangle base has been solid today. Holding nicely despite the alt bloodbath.
Kommentar: Still in the buy zone here friends

Kommentar: Triangle has become extended giving greater chance of buying at a discount. 76 cents target still remains. My time frame stated in the comments below still seems to be valid. However, because of the extended consolidation, there is a possibility that my 76 cents target could be exceeded. I have increased the long range target estimate to 76 cents - $1.04. Here is my zoomed in chart.

Kommentar: And here is the zoomed out:

Kommentar: Verge Buy Zone Exit! C yuh!

Hi, Stew, thanks for the great advice as always. I see you said you might sell some of your BTC holdings when it's reached the upper trend line($12600?), will you sell some of the XVGs too since it might affect the price of the XVGBTC if BTC goes one more lower low, say $6k level? I am a long time fans of XVG. Thanks very much man.
@kesmoments, I will sell BTC but I am careful not to sell 100% of my positions. Reason: I can be wrong. I want to preserve some of my holding for margin of error. I don't like trading altcoins as they move even faster than their big brothers. I think I will just hold Verge until I reach my longer term targets.
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kesmoments phil.steuerwald
@phil.steuerwald, brilliant thanks a lot Stew!!!
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if you are talking about long term investment, now i buy altcoins ( vxg , trx , xlm ) or BTC ??

please help, thx.
phil.steuerwald braingsteel
@braingsteel, I invest %50 of my portfolio in alts and 50% in BTC, LTC, ETH.
It will go lower if BTC goes lower.Maybe around 5c.
@acolak4, Good call. Now it's moving higher again.
how long is long term?
@LAMRINI, about 6 months.
MFINITI phil.steuerwald
@phil.steuerwald, 6 months? Not one pro on here shares this sentiment. This is way off. Way too long. Try one month.
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