RippleUSD 1D: 9M-Forecast 0.20 > 0.30 > 0.40 > 0.60 > 0.75 USD

In my opinion Ripple is still undervalued compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum . Why? If you put the value of Bitcoin in relation to its circulating quantity and you compare this as an index with Ripple, the price of Ripple compared to Bitcoin is 12, if Bitcoin would be 100. The Index of Ethereum is 38, just for info. This could mean two things: Bitcoin is overvalued compared to Ripple or Ripple is undervalued compared to Bitcoin . I guess both are true. But Bitcoin is the main currency, it cannot be overvalued in this model, because it defines the price ratio. However, this means for Ripple that the price could rise, if only to compensate the undervaluation.

Ripple is a blockchain application for financial service providers and banks. Ripple connects them and companies to send money globally. It is more a competitor to SWIFT than to Bitcoin . Many friends of decentralized cryptocurrencies have a problem with Ripple because Ripple is for banks. By the way I am a fan of decentralized cryptocurrencies and I am convinced of Ripple technology. Both is possible. This means Ripple can exist alongside Bitcoin and Alts. But it is still interesting that the price of Ripple follows the price of Bitcoin . It can be assumed that Ripple will uncouple itself more from Bitcoin as the leading currency, but not in the coming months.

The performance of Ripple was not really good in the last few weeks. Too much action with BTC . But I think we saw the lowest low. A down to 0.10 USD is technically still possible, but the support at 0.15 USD is very strong - as we have seen. So this should indicate the confirm of the trend reversal. An up to 0.60 USD until the end of the year is possible.

Let's see what happens. Happy trading. :-)

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Kommentar: in addition: close-up (8h) of the current situation
Kommentar: ripple on track ... update chart 8h
Kommentar: current close-up, just for info:
Kommentar: current update... everything depends on the development of bitcoin at the moment, although ripple doesn't really have anything to do with it. it is a completely different technology with a completely different mission. just for info. also looks at my post to btc.

Kommentar: update ... ripple on track. dashed line works.

Kommentar: addition: i meant the dashed long term trend line from the main chart
Kommentar: Ripple touched Fibo 0.5. Next step on the way up to the solid trend line (0.225 USD).
Kommentar: New Chart ... Ripple/BTC
Kommentar: ripple (8h) update. close up current situation: on track.

Kommentar: no news on ripple. is on its way.

Kommentar: Ripple/USD (1d) update: positive trend continues.

Kommentar: Ripple/USD (8h): Convincing development. Ripple broke important resistance.
Kommentar: ripple update (8h): currently we could see a test of the broken resistance lines. if this goes well, the way up should go further.

Kommentar: ripple/USD (8h) update: ripple nails just the middle line of the bollinger band. let's see where this goes.

Kommentar: ripple/usd (8h) update: back on track

Kommentar: ripple/usd (1d) update: let's see if this is a bull flag. and whether torronto will be a success. so it should go further up.

Kommentar: ripple/usd (8h) update: we broke the bull flag upwards. let's see where it leads.

Kommentar: rippleusd (4h): swell is starting ...

Kommentar: ripple/usd update: the bottom could be near ...

Kommentar: ripple/usd update: current situation - near support line



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Thx for following A N D thx for helping.

Great chart sir, thank you !
@TrickOut, thx. you welcome.
If it goes a bit more down I'd buy for long term...
btcinvests BrunoDanteSampaio
Swell conference was a disappointment.
btcinvests Enhancement321
@Enhancement321, yes, sad.
btcinvests Enhancement321
@Enhancement321, I don't think that's gonna hurt the ripple. It'll just take a while. bankers are not so fast. ;-)
Antworten Wow so do you think this could be the end of XRP as we know it?
@monitorr, what do you mean with "as we know it". as i wrote, it could be a good long term investment.
monitorr btcinvests, your last update and chart says the bottom could be near. I was presuming that you meant it could die. Oh well just my assumption so sorry i misunderstood. I am all in with Ripple at the moment. Have had Ripple since 0.16 so happy with that but recently when the price started to go up I bought more at 0.24 and 0.26. I still have them on long so just wanted to make sure that these are still a viable trade.
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