Be careful as this is now overprice (might goes down as 1.5)

586 11
Whales can start anytime dumping now to other alt coins or bitcoin .
In my opinion XRP are now on very hype stage as this is not really use in banks.
I have sell all my XRP to 3 dollars (i have buy in .20 cents) , thank you XRP. Good luck guys.
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: Target almost reached 1.6 instead of 1.5. This will be revisit
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht
I'm glad I changed my mind last night took this call. Any idea where I should buy back?
Very surprising the misinformation and complete misunderstanding of this company and coin. It's an international settlement coin, currently partnered with American Express and 21 banks, 3 of which are the top banks in the world. They are competing with SWIFT, which transacts 1 Trillion dollars per day but SWIFT takes days to settle, while XRP settles in seconds. This company should easily be valued in the trillions since it's entering a quadrillion dollar market (international settlement). This is nothing like Bitcoin's model.
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Sorry but this is not a technical analysis, it's an opinion. You are not backing your prediction with proper indicators.
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qarina LionelSen
@LionelSen, This is basic elliot wave and my opinion (whick look obvious to me), and yes lack of indicators. I still find that this XRP is over value.
I don't care if xrp will go down as $1 , strong hands will get the big reap .. Target date Dec 2019
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hardIronRock allan_diaz
@allan_diaz, yeah I second on that.. Target date Dec 2020, xrp to the moon!
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1. XRP is being pumped in Korea
2. XRP is not decentralized
3. Coinbase did not yet confirm the addition of XRP on Jan 8th
4. XRP had a huge grow in the last 20 days (from 0.20 to 3.20)
Good luck @moses98 :)
moses98 gregoriochindamo
@gregoriochindamo, Truetrue, We will see how it goes. Ima ride this wave until I die.;)
1. XRP is being added to a new exchange
2. Thousands of rumours saying XRP is being added to Coinbase on the 8th of this month.
3. Good luck getting XRP below $3.00
qarina moses98
@moses98, I hope youre right as my friend still in XRP :),

1. i think is not the new exchange that getting it high (as many crypto get everyday to exchange but not hype as this one)
2. XRP will not be the main candidate for coin base as it doesnt follow the coinbase rules
3. I think whales will starting dumping as XRP is not really decentralized, but its a good crypto to make money then dump to earn bitcoin

Good luck to you and others who hold XRP

PS : i hope i am wrong so that my friend can make also big money from XRP
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