Running the 1 day chart guys...

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple / Dollar
I think things have changed and it is time for me to recognize that before it is too late.
I think that the Dec 11th run through Jan 3rd Run was the left handle.
I believe we are now at the bottom base of the left 1/2 of the cup having formed...
and the right side is now coming into the picture... being formed and going up.

Remember what goes through a green cloud must go through a red cloud... and I think we are at the halfway point.
I remember a TA previously done by one who showed a cup and handle .. . and his buy price was between .66 and .75
We were just previously there and I got blind sided because of the 3 day chart.

I think now is a good time to buy because everyone is sitting on the fence and aware it could go either way...
I think it had gone down long enough that it is time to reach all time highs...

I am in lower than I sold for so that is a good thing.
and this coin is going to at least $5.00 anyway!
I'm tired of debating whether it will or will not...
everyone of the pros' that are doing TA'S don't know either...
Look at the 1 day chart it says more than all the others currently.

Good luck with your trades and may good fortunes be with you all.

The Wiz
Kommentar: Sorry guys, I di not know that I had created this chart twice.. I looked before I posted again and did not see it. I think the other chart is a tad more informative and also includes a drop box link to yesterdays 12 hr. chart and price at that time... notice the increase as well!

Sorry for the double post:
Kommentar: click the chart above.
Kommentar: Sold @ .982 because we are now on the inside of the top Bollinger band on the 1 hour chart
Kommentar: actually I sold on the faster 15 min chart because it is on the inside of the top Bollinger band and the macd looks like it wants to cross downwards.
Kommentar: Good morning guys, I am here. Looking at the charts now... 5:16am Eastern
Kommentar: loL, I did. Funny... and yes a vacay - less stress lol
Good morning, take a short vacantion, less stress :(
rusty_hawk rusty_hawk
:) I am still hoping to hit 0.4....just a fast tap to confirm that support so I can enter
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damn did you even sleep ahahahaha
smh...whats going on bro you killing us out here lol...u buy u sell u buy u sell... is this going down to .30 or so like u projected or is it going to stay at the levels that is at now. I been reading other reports saying bitcoin will be going down and well I do believe bitcoin will go down to the fact when it went up didn't have much volume when it did like if it was pumped and as you know everything right now is following bitcoin. So what do you think lol
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@abelgalaz, No one really knows - sorry I am giving you mixed signals... on the 12 hr chart, I saw the macd was intertwining like a tight screw... so, when I saw the tickers and the charts on different time frames I realized it was going up. I sold @ .982 because while I was watching a movie... I was looking at my phone, saw it hit $1.00 and that the % increase for those who got in early was: 31% and I did not think it could sustain that kind of increase right now... so, I sold because I am soon going to bed and I wanna try and keep profit and worry about the situation further in the morning.

Secondly, on the 12 chart further... xrp hit the .97585 line twice... so I think that is a double top... and yes, the coin may revisit .72010 which is below the BLUE LINE signaling a further drop.
I made profit off of FOMO and so I can rest peacefully on the sidelines. As London says, it certainly can hit the sub .30 cent level... and I don't want to get caught heavy. I will gauge it further tomorrow.
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abelgalaz WizardOfRealms
@WizardOfRealms, well let see what happens I'm not trying to cherry pic cuz I gotten caught before but it is very enticing
@abelgalaz, It was and I have gotten caught up on that damn 3 day chart with 2 green bars - the second of which had higher lows and higher highs giving me the idea that it was going higher. FOMO grabbed me... so I got in... and now, I realize it might not be smart to stay in all night while I am sleeping. I hope it goes lower (but I don't know at this moment) I keep seeing TA'S with dual scenarios... and now we are at $1.00 again... between yesterday and today... (it went up .25254 cents) and I only captured .10 cents of it... but I am happy with that and will trust that LONDON55555 knows where it is really headed.

I just cant go to sleep thinking it might drop if I stay in...
abelgalaz WizardOfRealms
@WizardOfRealms, its the weekend too remember what happen last weekend it kept going up till the real traders came in Monday and dropped that thing like a bad habit
@abelgalaz, yeah, I see that now went back 7 days on the 4 hr chart and see it dropping the whole week... thanks for reminding me.
@abelgalaz, I do see on the 4 hr chart the green cloud barely starting on Feb. 13th at 11pm eastern and the cross is about .81343 just the thought of xrp busting out of that red cloud on 4 hr chart is interesting and you are right very enticing... damn human emotions!
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