XRP a MAJOR Collapse is Right Around the Corner

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple / Dollar
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Won't be long now. #bitcoin #fintech #cryptocurrency #XRP $XRP
Kommentar: XRP was at $2.69 when we made this call - did you listen or follow the "experts" ?
hmmmm,,, I listened and sold all mine. ''wow" I'M GLAD i DID. Thanks again..... JD
@UNWOUND, You're welcome im glad you did. Good luck.
UNWOUND london55555
@london55555, My only regret is that I didn't run across you earlier. I admit I was skeptical a bit earlier but dang I'm a quick study. I came ,,, I saw,,, I learned, and now if you say syrup is going to "a dollar a sop", I'd just get ready to pay. NOW I'M DONE ,,,,,,,,,,, LOL,,,,,,,,,,,,,, JD
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How do you know that???
london55555 Samppa290
@Samppa290, Hi and thank you for the question - rather than calling names - take a look on the long term stoch you'll see it's rolling over in a big way that's the first "tell" I think it was around 2.80 when we posted this chart and Im pretty sure it dropped to about 2.15 that's a 30%drop and fast. Much more to go in our opinion but who knows with these names. And for I think it was King_Crypto that called me an asshole he's obviously having a very bad day and it's about to get much worse. People really should stay professional on here. I wish you good luck. Trade safe.
Samppa290 london55555
@london55555, You should analyze and draw lines like other, not just post a blank chart and say something. Latest week candle is still green. Maybe you could take a look at an hour or day charts?
I don't want to bully you or anything, but you just say something without any proof. At the moment it looks like ripples support level will hold, which is around 2.4$ so it will not likely crash.
london55555 Samppa290
@Samppa290, You know I tried to to ne nice and give you an answer. Go do your own homework.
you said that at 1.27, than at 1.93, and now look at us hehe. but if you keep telling that after every ath onec you will be right so keep good work :D
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london55555 marko.pasuld
@marko.pasuld, Actually we said that at 1.24 to be exact and it dropped to .68c we then said if it can hold above 1.25 on volume it could break out. We'll see you way below this present number here in the future. But we wish you well.
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