Watch for a Bollinger Hook

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple / Dollar
Watch this are for a hook formation.
1) must be below the zero line
2) Usually results in a volatile move to the opposite direction
3) Last move was near 90 cents in 2 days.
4) we may hit .88 again

SEE XRP cross of death for a hook formation and results.
Kommentar: Fantastic News-HODL.

Kommentar: Downward -Bollinger Band % nearing zero line
Kommentar: This is a fib failure. .618 is violated look to .786 or .886 for next levels. MACD is gaining downward Momentum. Bollinger B% is nearing zero line and will cross soon. For those on the sidelines prepare an entry plan according to your risk profile.
Kommentar: V formation above the Bollinger B% Zero line is formed on the daily. This could be good for a short pop for a dime....A "V" indicates a fast move that is usually a Dead Cat Bounce.-Hunt Carefully
Kommentar: Good Morning all....Well, nearly 11 hours have passed since my last update and we are a stalemate. The .618-.786 range is holding strong. Looking at the Daily- it shows that the 1.00 level closing candles have retested three times.

I think we are near a bottom on this...there is a chance this may go lower and the lowest candlesticks are in the .80's. So, I am setting an entry point for a downward spike at .85 at 25% of holdings-Just in case, this goes lower. Call this entry 1.

Each of you must assess your own risk to reward and this is not an investment advice. I am announcing my plan based on my assessments and experience. I am not responsible for the actions of other traders.
Kommentar: See New Comments
Kommentar: This is approaching zero line....watch for .88 to .92 with a potential to 1.37
Kommentar: Update.

Kommentar: I forgot to say that the MACD is diverging again with added strength to the down! Blue lines added to emphasize new targets and potential entry. XRP will be added to two major exchanges and I expect an uptick soon. This is still a bear market!!!!!

Kommentar: Another obvious observation XRP is trying to reenter the parallel down channel.
Kommentar: Possible Entry Zones

Kommentar: The previous update and zones are created by the use of FIB Retracement and Extensions. The Extension is from the low of 17 Jan to the high of 20 Jan. The Extension and the Retracement did not correlate-which means that there is a disparity. This disparity results in potential zones rather than absolute confirmation and probabilities.
Kommentar: nice little pop.....but looking for a Bollingerb% Hook.

Kommentar: Yikes forgot to mention.....PSAR indicator is down. In order for a transition to occur today-UT, XRP must cross 1.50....This is highly doubtful.
Kommentar: Let's do it again!!!

Still no hoooooook
Kommentar: A better look
Kommentar: Europe Asleep, US asleep---GoooooooooooooooooooooooooooD Morning Asia!
Kommentar: RSI is 98% Oversold. Bollinger B% nearing Zero, Strong MACD Down Target of .89-78 Zone is in play.
We are at the Zero line on my Bollinger B% The daily is way below....watching for a "J" for a turn or a "V" for a deadcat
Hey, this drop was out of my fantasies. Now I am singing Fallin' down with Iron Maiden. I just watch and cannot understand.... ..just singing... :D
Hang in there.....A strong case is being built that will cause XRP to decouple from BTC!
XRP issues formal press release SBI Virtual Currency-One of Japans largest Financial firms. The announcement states the new platform will use XRP exclusively.

“Not only does it have a clear use case, XRP is faster, cheaper and more scalable than any other digital asset,” Mr. Kitao said. “I strongly believe it will become the global standard in digital currencies.”
This brief consolidation usually results in downward pressure to xrp.
This stagnation usually results in a downward direction to XRP.
I told you we might hit 1.10 before bounce up!
Ripple just want to confirm my trend :) That's all.
@nixel, your lower trend line seems different compared to mine on Bitstamp. For me it looks like we need to bounce off the dollar range on the long term support.


Good Job...That is a good channel confirmation. This may break channel to the .786 or .886 Fib
Looks like we might have our hook.
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