New ATH for Ripple. What is next?

Ripple has been on an impressive rally lately and has yet again reached another All-Time-High.

But can this level be sustained?

Stop losses are now more important than ever.
Stop loss is a two edge sword in markets like these, too much high volatility, if you set it wrong it can be worst than nothing.
You need to monitor the market all the time to evaluate it properly, and set it very carefully.
You've see nothing yet... Check LTC and ETH when price mulplied by 60 in a matter of 2/3 months. First I thought the same...its insane...but now..I think more like after 3 month asleep we might very well see a 3 month long bull run which could mean reaching 12 to 15$ by feb
jazz363 Petitboy
@Petitboy, Don't be stupid. If it was $12 for 1 XRP the market cap on ripple would be equal to the market cap of all cryptos combined including Bitcoin. Do some basic maths before commenting this crap.
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@jazz363, Ripple can be $15 and by that time the market cap of all cryptos won't be the same as what you see today, would be more than a trillion or two.
What level of stop loss are you recommending?
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