I am changing my view on XRP while we can get in early!

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple / Dollar
475 4
Thr trend on the one day chart says it is going up.
The MACD has touched...
ASIA is waking up!

Tax refunds will be spent on crypto...
News from many sources are now positive!

Many of the best TA writers (PROS) are on both sides of the fence and drawing 2 scenarios each.
I remember a TA in January that said buy around .66 cents support to .75 (and I ignored it when it recently happened)
And, we are slightly higher now.
The Last 2 green Bars on the 3 day chart... well the second one was a higher low and a higher high...
Tomorrow is going to be brighter!

And, we are going to be burden free because we know this coin is going to all time highs.
In that .66 to .75 TA I remember a cup and handle formation and have seen one recently on tradeview.
I am stubborn, but even I have to admit when I am wrong and make adjustments accordingly.

That guy who did the TA showed the coin going to $4.00 and much higher from there.
I do not have tha TA copy any more because I bought a new computer and that used to be my old computers desktop background.
Gave my old computer to my grand-daughter and have already cleaned that machine for her use.

I believe now is the time to buy and I am all in and going to HODL now I am convinced no matter what that either now...
or by Feb 23rd at the latest this thing is taking off.

Also, I believe that the December run from Dec. 11th to Jan. 3rd was the handle formation...
and that the left half of the cup has now formed and that we have missed the bottom - but not by much because there is still time to get in.
Remember what goes through a green cloud must go through a red cloud...

Look at this again: https://db.tt/5PRrOAvH5Q This was yesterday. 12 hr . chart... I believe where the red cloud "INDENTATION IS" is where this coin will go through the red cloud on up to ath's!
I am at least man enough to know when I have made a mistake and recognize it before it is too late.

Good luck to you all and may the fortunes be with you!

The Wiz
Kommentar: Look at those indicators pulling upward!
Kommentar: Sorry , apparently my prior chart posted a moment ago... I did not think it did and I had double checked before posting this one... Ugh!
bigtrouble bigtrouble
@bigtrouble, get ready boys
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WizardOfRealms bigtrouble
@bigtrouble, Very nice! we are going up on this elevator ride!
I AM SUPER BULLISH RIGHT NOW! put my paycheck in on the next short term dip
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