Xrp Wants to break free!!! It may just happen..

BITFINEX:XRPUSD   Ripple / Dollar
Especially last couple of days Xrp is showing extremely bullish signs(high RSi values ~85,Possible MA cross approaching, and general volume is relatively high,over Ichimoku cloud on hourly chart)Most of the alt coins were moving along with BTC             (shadowing) up until couple days ago. However Xrp decided to change that idea along with Bch. Ripple is hungry for higher market cap and possible second place on ranking ahead of Eth. My personal opinion Xrp is currently undervalued.Currently forming happy bottom at 0.88 to.92 usd range and does not want to go any lower.First stop should be between 1.15 to 1.30 range then any given chance Xrp will go to the space.Could even break free of Bitcoin             dominance( Xrp does not want to be just puppet of Btc             . Xrp wants to be real player and it has all the rights to do so). We just have to trust Xrp Titans. They will show up soon or later ;)
It may just be great time to enter the market and enjoy the roller coaster ride.
Good luck on your trades...
Trade ist aktiv: We are still right on target. As long as Btc don't self destruct itself(very important point. Sometimes die hard Btc fans may sell their bitcoins to catch the xrp or bhc wave. This greedy move may kill momentum on all the coins at this point). Besides of that we should be able pick up some momentum shortly. I have opened new xrp positions at 0.90-9.94 usd range.Very confident at this point. Not planing to sell it short term.
This is still roller coaster ride till we break free of Btc dominance. Not for faint hearts or weak hands. Xrp will fluctuate but will reach our first target.
Kommentar: As you can Btc is weaponized currency at this point(No longer good leader and stable). Institutional investors using it to control the market.Do not be afraid of this sudden sell offs.Every time this happens xrp will adjust itself to higher medium point. We already complete our correction from highest point of 3.30 usd to lowest point of 0.55 usd nearly over %83. So let Btc to play its own game.Soon Btc will no friends to play with(we been playing this game nearly 50 days). So do not panic sell cheaper then what you pay for it. Remember this is roller coaster ride.More like mental games. Strongest person wins.
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: Finally and painfully we have reached the target.What a ride. I closed my positions for now.
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