XRP Ripple - Trend Analysis - IMPORTANT!!

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple / Dollar
I just whipped this up. Shows XRP's value back since May and has potential to break upward pretty soon. If it breaks that trend and people get excited there is a good chance to see some gains. Its had trouble getting past .30 for a while so watch for .31 and a strong uptrend/stabilization. Profit taking is also possible which would cause a dip around .30. Let me know what you think.
Kommentar: Price confirmed
I think your analysis is quite accurate. Ripple hasn't done much in the current alt run, so I see some upside. Ripple seems to currently be in a very slow upswing. I expect a good possibility to reach the 30 cent mark within the next 2 weeks. Theoretically there is no reason it cant surpass ATH in the current market conditions.
Mrchaselewis PRO millenium-trade
@millenium-trade, I agree. Are there any other coins in the market that are trying to solve the same problems with Bank remittance payments? At this point It's survival of the most useful. If Ripple successfully reduces time and fees spent sending large sums of money bank to bank then banks will use it to send TRILLIONS of dollars across global boarders. Because it is an intermediate exchange source it isn't limited to one countries currency exchange. it's value can be derived from all international bank transactions if applied on a mass scale with maximum exposure. At the end of the day if it saves the banks money then they will have no choice but to use the technology unless laws prohibit otherwise
millenium-trade Mrchaselewis
@Mrchaselewis, I think you are correct. Ripple has a nice niche carved out in the crypto market. Good technology and smart people to back it up. It is poised to attract big institutional $$$ . Solid long term potential with this coin.
yes with elliott wave its the wave E from your bottom black arrow. so it will break out the triangle at the top.
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