BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple / Dollar
1) We are hanging at the 786 just like the hang a 618
2) The 50 is closing on the 100
3) If we hang here for another 5 days, this could cross.
4) Thats one foot in the grave closer to the death cross!
5) The MACD is showing a small uptick-Its sneaky and could be a head fake!
6) The J hook is formed in the BB% and we had a good bounce in the lower time frames of .25 per XRP
7) Consolidation is good and I think we are heading there.
8) Early bird positions are good at 25% of HODL but hold a reserve.
9) A Fib at .886 (the most misunderstood) is in play.
10) A fib of 0 is the only play-Help us almighty of your choosing!
11) This will not react violently, it will be subtle because too many were burned at the stake but still believe (like I do) this is a good crypto of value.
12) Currency pairs to USD are a good hedge-Do not use BTC!
13) Good Luck Elroy!!! and may the "Force be with you, Padwan."
14) Crypto Unite!
15 My new twitter is @cryptoedugrsac
16) Forgot to add, a 786 fib is a good entry on any asset! Time is in your favor!!!!
17) I am in at 886 because I am greedy but prepared to enter at a moments notice!
18) The big markets are in the process of topping out-retail and institutional investment will be looking for a home very soon....Crypto is perceived fast money.
Kommentar: No change
Kommentar: FEB 7 to Feb 8 24 hour period shows Price Range 70-82
Kommentar: Good Morning All,
We are still in Range! The MACD is tighter to the High, the Bollinger J is still in play, The Checkov Theory is still in play, We are still hangin at the .786 fib, Markets are influx, in another chart I mentioned Consolidation periods may start (good swing trades). On the outside, All asset classes are getting clobbered. It possible that Cryptos may be seen as a safe haven soon. Still watching for a close above 82 ish!
Kommentar: I forgot to add....XRP has consolidated for two days now. Here is a good look with the 30minute

Kommentar: It is looking better!!

Kommentar: Bollinger J two days ago, MACD is turning nicely!
Kommentar: In Play
break the 30min channel!

So what is the next price from your opinion ?
This I understand at first I missed the A Fib at .886 mybe im one of those who miss understood it Lol , thank you for this ""The MACD is showing a small uptick-Its sneaky and could be a head fake! " your the men.
ramonbenavides12 cryptomaster1

Kind words.....the 886 is a key fib but often overlooked.....The MACD is getting shallower-5 more hours and there could be a confirm to the bollinger for a uptick. The BTC is lloking like a MACD crossover is close to!
ramonbenavides12 ramonbenavides12

should read..."The BTC is looking like a MACD crossover is close too!"
target is 0.38$, am I right ?

Yes but be ready to buy.....this is holding and the 786 is known for reversal. the 886 is is in play and a good target for solid entry.
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