Lets Short Cripple

Here we have a chart to show where to short cripple. Best of luck.
Kommentar: Well that went wrong, Shorted again to avg up and closed in profit.
You're not including the fact that banks are pumping this stock like crazy because they're scared of decentralized currency. Ripple is centralized so they are making it enticing by pumping the shit out of it.
altcoiner9 fkashem1986
@fkashem1986, Ripple has master nodes, not centralized as in what you imagine it. Learn the details, it will set you free.
fkashem1986 altcoiner9
@altcoiner9, master notdes that are controlled by certain chosen people. I suggest you learn your shit first before telling others to :) using that logic, google is not 'centrally' controlled because they have servers all over the world.
altcoiner9 fkashem1986
@fkashem1986, Learn how to spell bro. And why so angry? Ripple replaces mining with a system of "validators." These special nodes use consensus to agree in which transactions to include in the next ledger. Their decisions are broadcast through the network as messages signed with their public key. Each node (computer running the rippled software) in the RCL network is responsible for deciding its "UNL" (which stands for Unique Node List). This list controls which validators the node cares about.

For everyone on the network to agree on the same ledger chain, there are various rules about how the UNL should be formed. Specifically that there should be a minimum amount of overlap of people's UNLs. We won't get into that here.

The most important factor in choosing this UNL, is to make sure that you pick validators which are not colluding. There is a set of rules and best practices for validators to enforce this. The most important is that validators must be publicly identified. For example, if hypothetically Microsoft is running a validator then it should publish its public key in a way that certifies Microsoft is under control of the validator. An easy way to do this is to put a text file with the public key at the company's domain, reachable via HTTPS with a known certificate. For example at https://microsoft.com/ripple.txt

Looking at this masternode system of Dash, which is essentially the same as Ripple validators (with minor technical differences). But in Dash, the masternodes identity is secret. This is exactly the scenario that makes dash insecure!
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fkashem1986 altcoiner9
@altcoiner9, typo ≠ spell. Ripple cunt.
fkashem1986 fkashem1986

One company and one company only sells all XRP = 100% Centralized
Something decentralized can not have missing data as it is the case with this garbage.

A service does not make it decentralized. Its like saying Walmart is decentralized because it has stores scattered all over. All Sales still congregate at one place from which sales tax is paid (or not).
Lol - why not just send me your satoshi
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