xrp huge potential profits ( 208.8 % ) coin .

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Hey every one , today i like to represent to you a very good coin to hold until the mid of January .

techniacal analysis .

sia coin has breaked the support formed buy 50 and 100 ema then have retrace which might give us a very very very good entry point , all indicators are turning up ,reached a strong fibonacci levels ( big spike happened ) .

fundamental analysis .

Ripple is both a digital currency and a payment platform with a growing client base, and it is run by reputable tech visionaries.
It’s the fastest and most scalable digital asset,
enabling real-time global payments
anywhere in the world.
XRP consistently handles 1,500 transactions per second, 24x7, and can scale to handle the same throughput as Visa.*

*Source: 50,000 transactions per second, as of July 15, 2017

upcoming events .

listing in a Japanese trading exchange ( dmn ) .

block chain conference at the end of the month .

very active team and we might expect a lot of announcements .

i will update every target and we wil try to catch the top .

a will be updating this coin until the mid of January after that you are free to hold or sell

be updated for more .

and always remember , D-shadow is in your side , best wishes .
Kommentar: you can get in the trade once the price breaks over 16182 .
Kommentar: whales might try to manipulate the market so becaerfull and hold tight , dont be the weak hand .
Kommentar: huge buy walls in xrp , the price might rise soon .
Kommentar: went to 10.8 % profit before retracing to our buying price , keep updated.
Kommentar: very immportant update :

roumers that xrp is related with banks and will be dumped soon or erlier , so we will try to exit with maximum profits , keep updated.
Kommentar: we will try to sell xrp when it rehashes 100 % because a lot of bad rumours about the coin .
Kommentar: keep updated .
Kommentar: where in first page of bittrex with the highest volume now , hold till the goals .
Kommentar: btc went up a little , so the price also went down a little , don't panic and keep holding .
Kommentar: 32.8 % until now , keep holding at least to middle of January , or you can sell 50 % of your holdings at 50 % profits , keep updated .
Kommentar: 40 % profit until now , you can start selling partially at 0.00030 with 50 % profit s .
Kommentar: sell now , expecting a entrancement soon , i will update with the new entry points .
Kommentar: but if you like to hold , keep holding .
Kommentar: looks the retracment has just started , keep updated .
Kommentar: the time expect for retracment " from 1 day to 2 days " before the next " and may be the finall " wave .
Safe to say ~$4.0 usd (.00027BTC) is a safe sell point to collect profit?
@Lepro, try to sell at 23 , a spike yesterday and today , so expecting a retracment for at least 2 days , but if you can take retracments without fear you can hold , but its always better to secure some profits .
Lepro D-shadow
@D-shadow, Good idea. Will follow to see your flag on the retracment. Always appreciated
Lepro D-shadow
@D-shadow, missed my window - holding for the next wave.
i am not afraid. I have over 20k xrp. I am thinking to rebuy and i am looking fot the best price.

i really happy of your advice - i really belive you. I think that u are relletad with other pupper but for now i trade with you :)
+1 Antworten
D-shadow cichyAK
@cichyAK, the best buy price is 14,000 , but can i ask you what is the meaning of " pupper "
D-shadow D-shadow
@D-shadow, and thanks for your trust in us , best wishes .
cichyAK D-shadow
@D-shadow, sorry of my english :) puper it mean for my leader of "pump and dump" - for now u bilding your position os TV - when u achive 300-400 followers u start to seeling dreams :) i don't have problem with that
cichyAK cichyAK
@cichyAK, one more i wait for "start" from yesterday with x5 profit :)
D-shadow cichyAK
@cichyAK, you mean " strat " coin .
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