XRPBTC cup and handle formation?

I just began investing a few weeks ago and have been studying technical analysis for the latter half of it. I just want to start by saying THANK YOU to everyone for your contributions to this wonderful site and thank you to anyone who answered any elementary questions of mine, as I got started. With that said, I am still extremely new to all of this but it is something I have ALWAYS wanted to learn but never had a medium to do so. So go easy on me ;)

I have been up since yesterday watching Ripple all day and night to get a feel for what it is doing and to jump in and learn along the way. We've had quite the run today but when I zoom out to the 4h view, it appears we may not be done? This cup began forming back on the 29th when we had that initial spike and looks as if we will complete it today. From my messy graph, my guess is that we will finally see things slow down around .000196 satoshis before seeing the handle form, bringing us back down a bit.

-MACD also appears staged to continue going upward, at the 4h view with lots of room to grow
-RSI is approaching oversold but also room to grow there
-Lots of volume throughout the day

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, I am here to learn. I have not yet spent time studying the different candle formations, for anyone wondering why that wasn't included as an indicator. Any/all feedback is appreciated!
I am a beginner as well, and suggestions on how I can learn to read charts and learn TA?
Haha yea bro !!! MUGGED OUT stars a callin.

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@ArcWizard, Cup and handle now possibly? I see a shoot up coming our way.
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