monero/usdt long term trade

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Correction is over. Trend must go on, and on, and on

I see a clear bottom for monero in the 0.006 range, where the first wave of the last bull run bottomed.
Monero has clearly double bottomoed in this area, and as predictable it is going upwards.
BTC running too quick. I do know btc trend is upwards but we have already seen huge alt-pumps while btc in a strong uptred (ie. eth reaching @20$ at @0.028BTC while btc was living a strong bull trend caused by halving hype)
RingCT and GUI wallet are at last about to be deployed.
Privacy and fungibiliyy are really needed. Coinbase keeps blocking bitcoin users accounts due to fungibility problems
Zcash proved to be a perfect set up so some miners made a quick buck, this together with the "trusted" set-up involving so little people gives xmr room to grow without worrying about this blockchain.
Kommentar: We are currently at resistance level going through 10 usd wont be easy, but feasible.
Monero has proven strenght and resilience by standing over BTC bull trend.
Monero whales are not willing to dump so easily their monero to cashout their btc profits.
I feel confident new highs usd-wise will be reached anytime in first quarter of 2017, probably alongside with btc highs.
Kommentar: Resistance 1 destroyed, should be tested as a support though.

Target 1: 12.65 USDT - REACHED -- Closed 25% of position
Kommentar: Testing resistance 2.

Even though targets are not explicitily marked i have 3 targets for my monero usd NON margin trade.

target 1: 12.65 - REACHED
target 2: 22.50 -
target 3: 55.00 -

This is a long-term bagholding.

Expected total profit: 333%
Expected time-frame: within 2017
Kommentar: I warned you: new usd-wise highes for Monero in first quarter of 2017 as bitcoin keeps pumping :D
We'll see target 2, 22,5 usd, sooner than i could expect.
Now just surpassed ATH resistance and trading over 16.5 usd.
Kommentar: Trend line retested. Time to re load leverage
Kommentar: And target 2 reached first quarter of 2017, as predicted.
40% position closed.
Kommentar: About to reach target 3 :) beautiful
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: And here we are. 8 months later we have reachen all our targets in the expected timeframe (within 2017).
A whoping total 350% net profit or 450% ROI.
Thank you monero. And this is the chart looking LESS bubblish of all the crypto charts, so imo, the healthiest bull trend.
Still bag holding ~1000 monero looking for a long term target of 200 bucks a pop.
Kommentar: That 200 usd crazy target back then was easily doubled, reaching a max price over 400 usd
when the name bag of xmr shows u how long the bag has been around


much love as always my friend
sad that i didn't know you by that date
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